Words and ramblings

Self confidence

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.
Henry Ford

I built some things

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve ran into some problems that I couldn’t solve with a Google search. Like any nerd would do, I decided to solve them myself with some javascript instead.

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How to compile C# without Visual Studio

Yesterday I found myself in a bind, I needed to fix a bug for a client and Visual Studio was having a moment (and still is actually). I’ve been using the Visual Studio Community Edition for a bit now and it’s been working great. However, yesterday it decided to expire my “trial period” and would fail when attempting to renew my license. Awesome.

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How to use C# to find domains

Recently I was searching for domain names out on the interwebs and realized there was no good way (I could find) to search for possible domain names in bulk. For example, I wanted to type in “nathan” into some awesome app and have it tell me all of the domain extensions (TLDs) that were available for purchase. So, I threw together a C# app just for that purpose and wanted to share the process here.

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Why your data is going to get hacked

Are you still using words from a dictionary, numbers in a sequence, or a pattern of letters as your password? If not, good, that’s step one. Now, how many times have you re-used your passwords over and over online? Even if you have a group of super-awesome passwords that you used again and again, eventually they will get hacked on some random site that you joined just to see a few cat pictures.

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Hello world!

Hey everyone!

This is going to be the home of my new blog. I’m going to be writing about technology, startups, trends, productivity, lifehacking, and more.. Stick around and maybe we can both learn something.

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