How to compile C# without Visual Studio

Yesterday I found myself in a bind, I needed to fix a bug for a client and Visual Studio was having a moment (and still is actually). I’ve been using the Visual Studio Community Edition for a bit now and it’s been working great. However, yesterday it decided to expire my “trial period” and would fail when attempting to renew my license. Awesome.

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Author's profile picture Nathan Englert on Programming

How to use C# to find domains

Recently I was searching for domain names out on the interwebs and realized there was no good way (I could find) to search for possible domain names in bulk. For example, I wanted to type in “nathan” into some awesome app and have it tell me all of the domain extensions (TLDs) that were available for purchase. So, I threw together a C# app just for that purpose and wanted to share the process here.

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