Apps and other work

I like to create things from time to time, usually to solve some kind of problem I’m having at the time. Here’s some things I’ve been working on.


My wife is a used to be a consultant for Pampered Chef and she needed a good way of simulating raffles. Rather than buying a billion rolls of tickets and going through the motions of drawing them out of a hat, I built a tool for her instead. Check it out.

Kick-Ass Student Loan Obliterator (KASLO)

When it comes to personal finance, I suck. Ramit’s course on it really got me thinking about how I can (and should) change my ways. One morning, I decided to get my student loans in order and figure out a plan to pay them off ASAP. Googling for a student loan calculator turns up a bunch of tools that didn’t really do the job I was looking for. So as any nerd would do, I built my own.